Monday, 9 June 2014

The Unwind Brighton Hand-dyed Yarn Competition!

Enter the Unwind Brighton Hand dyed Yarn Competition!

This competition is open to anybody who would like to enter – whether you have never dyed a skein of yarn before or dye yarn every day, professionally or just for fun.

Just dye up a skein of yarn and decide which category to enter it into, and send the skein along with an entry form to the address on the form!

·     Entries must arrive at Unwind Brighton HQ by 7th July 2014
·     An entry form should be filled out and returned as a hard copy, with the entry.
·    Each entrant may enter as many categories as they like, but each skein of yarn may only be shortlisted for one category.
·    The organisers cannot be responsible for the safety of an entry in transit or during the show.
·    The judges’ decision is final.
·    Individual hanks should weigh between 50grams and 120grams.


·    Semi Solid: Yarn should be predominantly one colour
·    Variegated: Yarn should be more than one colour
·    Self striping:  Yarn stripes clearly (please include at least one swatch)
·    Gradient / Ombre: Yarn should change colour, with each colour only appearing once in the skein (please include at least one swatch)

If entrants do not indicate that they wish to collect their yarn at Unwind Brighton, the their yarn will automatically be available for sale on Sunday 13th July with all proceeds to be donated to MSF.
Entries will be judged by a panel of three judged on Sunday 13th July at Unwind Brighton
Prizes to be announced.

Undyed yarn can be purchased from Yarn Undyed  who will be vendors at Unwind Brighton 2014.

photo (c) Justyna Lorkowska

*some categories also require a swatch

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