Monday, 10 March 2014

Striped Short Row Shawls... Every Day

Just in case there's anyone out there who has yet to knit a striped short row shawl.. or if you've only recently paired two (or three) colours for the first time to cast one on, you may not know that this fashion began with one, dramatic, fabulous asymmetric triangle, Stripe Study:

photo (c) Veera Valimaki

With this design, Veera Valimaki sparked a whole new trend for striped, short row shawls. Her subsequent patterns using the same techniques, are equally irresistible, and soon other designers were taking the concept and running with it. Before we knew it, ravelry's pattern database was brimming with innovative short row shawls.

In Veera's Striped, Short Row Shawls class at Unwind, you can choose your favourite pattern (Stripe Study, Different Lines, Colour Affection or Happy Street) and end up knitting a gorgeous shawl. All of these shawls include garter stitch, short rows, and a great opportunity to play with colour. After this class you will be working stripes and short rows even in your sleep. The hardest part may be choosing your perfect colours!

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