Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Behind the Scenes: Jubilee Library

Last week I visited some of the class rooms booked for Unwind Brighton. Lots of natural light? Check. Comfortable seats? Check. Just a stones throw from Brighton Dome Corn Exchange is Jubilee Library:

The d├ęcor is modern, colourful and stylish, but my favourite thing about this building is that it's eco friendly! The building has been designed to take advantage of natural energy provided by its south coast setting – specifically sunshine and wind. The sun's energy is gathered through the vast glass south wall. Heat is stored in walls and a specially constructed floor, being released slowly into surrounding spaces as part of a low energy release ventilation and heating system. Wind towers on the roof use the south coast sea breeze to draw excess heat from the space below. Concrete has been extensively used to give the building ‘thermal mass', which reduces the need for artificial heating. Even the toilets are flushed with recovered rainwater!

More news about classes very soon! The schedule is almost ready to show you!

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