Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Unwind with Tristan Bristow

I invited Brighton based illustrator Tristan Bristow to take part in Unwind Brighton after falling in love with his Streets of Brighton illustration pictured (below).

(c) Tristan Bristow

I want to give visitors a little piece of Unwind Brighton to take home in the event programme, and as well as finding your way around the festival, it's a lovely way to remember being here! The illustration is a map of the venues for Unwind Brighton, including Brighton Dome Corn Exchange, Jubilee Library, The Friends Meeting House, The Old Courtroom and features Brighton Pavilion.

Tristan will be incorporating knitters' likenesses into his bespoke Unwind artwork. No-one appreciates hours of painstaking detailed work like a fibre artist, so I want to tell you a bit about the man behind this special work in progress.

Already, Tristan has enjoyed a diverse and extensive career within the arts. Starting off as a realist painter, he then found  joy in creating large backdrops for the underground dance scene... the same backdrops are used around the world at clubs, parties and festivals to this day. After completing a Fine Art degree in Southampton, Tristan became interested in producing intricate ink drawings, before returning to realist painting, to visually describe his experience whilst travelling through India.

Tristan now is focused on creating intricate street scenes from various locations. Starting with his home town of Brighton, he will produce a dazzlingly intricate series of works reflecting the unique character and dynamic of each location, and inviting the residents to be featured as a part of the work. This two-way working relationship adds energy and life to the production and of the art.

Tristan says: I am excited to be part of the team that will be putting this festival together. The concept is great and I am enjoying producing art the artwork to match. Remember to get involved and be featured in the map for this great event.

Please send your photos to to be included in this piece, or post a photo in the ravelry group or on the facebook page. Submissions should reach us by the end of March. Please send a head to toe shot!

You can see more of Tristan's work on his website and follow what's he's upto on his facebook page.

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